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Factoring and Alternative Commercial Finance Solutions when the banks say “NO”!

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Commercial Factoring

The world’s most readily available resource for B2B business owners in need of a ready solution to solve problems of cash flow caused by slow-paying customers is Accounts Receivable Factoring. Available to almost all B2B businesses including early stage start ups.

Payroll Finance

One of the most common uses of commercial factoring is to make certain you will meet payroll on time. We are experts in providing payroll factoring for companies that are payroll intensive such as staffing companies, commercial cleaning companies, and more.

Spot Factoring

Spot factoring is provided when your business has an opportunity to deliver a large order that is out of the norm for your company that additionally will require longer than normal terms of payment. Spot factoring can SAVE that big opportunity to say "YES" to that order.

Purchase Order Finance

Purchase Order Finance (PO Finance) is a type of short-term financing that helps businesses fulfill customer orders when they lack the necessary funds to cover the costs of production and fulfillment. This type of financing is especially useful for businesses that operate on a "buy-sell" or reselling model.

Reverse Factoring

Invoices are paid to suppliers much faster, avoiding delays in receiving account receivables. It leads to improved cash flow in the system, which can generate more profitability. Reverse factoring, often called supply chain finance, It avoids the "credit crunch" when paying your suppliers on time.

International Factoring

Export trade finance is particularly important for small businesses engaging in international trade. It provides them with the financial resources and tools they need to successfully navigate the complexities of exporting goods or services to foreign markets. Here are several reasons why export trade finance is crucial for small businesses:

Access to Capital...When You Need It Most

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Our Approach

At Business Name, our mission is to be a steadfast partner in the journey of business success. We are committed to enabling entrepreneurs, startups, and established enterprises to thrive by offering a comprehensive range of financial solutions tailored to their unique needs. 


With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that businesses face today, we strive to provide accessible and innovative financing options that fuel growth, innovation, and sustainability.


We believe that behind every business aspiration is a story of determination, resilience, and vision. As such, our mission is to facilitate these ambitions by delivering transparent, efficient, and responsive financial services. 

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Factoring is one of the most popular forms of finance worldwide due to its flexibility.  It is the choice for early stage operators with little or no credit history.  In fact, we have financed startup enterprises from their very first invoices.
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