IACFB Academy for Factors and Lenders

IACFB Academy for Factors and Lenders

IACFB for Factors and Lenders

IACFB is the nation’s largest training facility for those seeking to earn referral fees and commission income in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industries.  Training at the Academy Campus is both comprehensive and affordable.  In addition to product and business development training, we publish the Directory of American Factoring and Lenders to assist our brokers is finding the right lender, and the right capital source, every time.

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IACFB Membership and Benefits

You company is already in the Directory of American Factors and Lenders.  We try to make the directory up to date as possible for our brokers/members so there is no cost.

“Spotlight Showcases” provide you with a expanded listing published on the IACFB Broker Magazine at Commercial Finance Consultants.com   The purpose of the “Showcases” is to provide a better method of our members in locating and choosing a factor / lending for deal placement.

The cost for your membership is just $39.95 initial setup and $4.95 per month subscription.  NOTE:  There is a “Holidays Special” though December 31st that CREDITS BACK the $39.95.   Use PROMO CODE  “Holidays”
  • Typical “About Us” information from your website
  • Industry / Preferences such as Staffing, Oil and Gas, Transportation, etc.
  • “Do NOT Consider” industries such as Third Party Medical or Construction
  • Best BDOs or team members to contact with a deal
  • Standard commission payment to brokers
  • Include a link to your website
  • Include a Link to your Broker’s Agreement (optional)


Once you have your profile completed, send it to datamaxmarketing@gmail.com   In the Subject Line reference “New Company Magazine Profile”  We will format and insert.  Attach a “Company Image” in JPEG format.  Insertion takes just a day or so and we will email you when completed.

We do not sell ads on the various articles, however, your “showcase” will automatically randomly appear as they are read.  All showcases are featured “randomly”. 

Typically, sponsored registered guests will work with their sponsor when submitting deals and referrals.  In the event the deal comes through IACFB, that deal will be forwarded to you.  IACFB does not request any commission sharing or participation.

Like any magazine, IACFB’s features articles in “categories”.  In addition to standard categories, there is the “archives”.  Not viewable, articles in the archives are routinely refreshed and “rotated” to the magazine’s Front Page so the content constantly updated.  Your Company Showcase is not rotated.  It is always viewable and rotates randomly as articles are retrieved and viewed.   

The IACFB Magazine has a primary focus on factoring and business development.  Currently the magazine’s email list is a little over 6,000.  Although we do not sell the list, we do publish monthly newsletters.  If your company is featuring a contest, bonuses, enhanced commissions, etc., we will help you promote it.  

The Sponsored Agents Program is a “Referrer” Program and all IACFB Members have access to this training.  Typically, such “agents” will choose a factor to work with.  Sponsored Agents use a dedicated special WordPress website with video that gives away a FREE booklet on factoring.  When a business owner requests the booklet, a copy of the request is received by the agent, but also by your BDO.  The BDO follows up on the request.  We have a training program (Factoring 101 “Lite”) which trains for this.  More in this article on the magazine.

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