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Most IACFB Members will enter IACFB, pass through our training campus and then elect their career path after training is complete.  While a small percentage will already have the necessary website needed to begin marketing, most do not.  Too assist them, IACFB provides a host of professionally designed Landing Pages and websites to get them up, running, and earning immediately.  These include:

  • Sponsored Agent Landing Pages
  • Freelance Factoring Broker Websites
  • Commercial Finance Consultant Websites

Sponsored Agent Landing Pages

Sponsored Agent WordPress Landing Pages pave the way for our IACFB Members with a focus on earning passive residual commission income by focusing on a part-time home based business as a referrer.  Even for those with a career in mind at some later date, these landing pages with VIDEO sales support is the perfect way to get into the business as a referrer.  These Landing Pages feature:

  • Low, low cost just of $99.95 setup and $9.95 hosting
  • VIDEO Salesman with FREE Offer Built In
  • FREE Samples of Articles to Get You Started in Blogging
  • Elementor Drag and Drop Editor for WordPress
  • Up to 5 Email Boxes
  • DataMax Affiliate Program Eligible

Your IACFB Membership with our NEW Kindle Broker Training Guide matched with this low, low cost landing page is the perfect way to get your foot in the door in this industry and to begin earning the near-legendary commission income that has made the factoring industry famous. 

Freelance Factoring Broker

The Freelance Factoring Broker Websites (FB-Series) are full product websites using the WordPress platform and Elementor Drag and Drop editing.  These sites are for those with true career intentions, even if they may be part-time at first. These websites feature all standard product areas for factoring brokers and can be easily expanded to represent even more products as many brokers are lured to the benefits of affiliate marketing.  As with the Agent pages, these expansive sites feature VIDEO and the FREE booklet offer completely built-in to the site to help you build commission-generate leads.  These sites include:

  • Modest pricing of just $149.95 plus $14.95 hosting
  • Expansive layout with all standard products
  • VIDEO Salesman with FREE Offer Built In
  • Agency training in Factoring 202
  • FREE Samples of Articles to Get You Started in Blogging
  • Elementor Drag and Drop Editor for WordPress
  • Up to 10 Email Boxes
  • DataMax Affiliate Program Eligible
  • Factoring Broker Lenders Directory

Commercial Finance Consultant (SuperSite)

The unique “SuperSites” are literally a business of their own.  These sites are perfect for either part-time or full time consultants that have not only discovered factoring and alternative commercial finance, but are also knowledgeable in the consumers finance product areas of private mortgage notes, business notes, structured settlement cash out and much more.  Additionally however, these modern mobile creative consultants have discovered the unlimited income potential available from affiliate marketing.

As we said…these websites are literally a business all of their own.  In addition to their normal commercial and consumer products you can represent, you have literally thousands of other companies you can represent such as home financing, auto financing, credit cards, insurance, reverse mortgages, debt relief, payday loans and the list gos on and on. 

For many, affiliate marketing is the key to wealth.  But you need to start somewhere and these financial “SuperSites” from DataMax are the way to get in to the game.  The most popular niche in affiliate marketing is “Finance” and by definition, factoring brokers and agents are knee deep in finance products.  This is how you explode that business.  

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